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Sylvia Naha

Sylvia Naha, daughter of Feather Woman, first made pottery when she played with the adobe in her father's field below Awatovi. One day, her father plowed up a pot with a swirling geometric design. Since then, it has become a Naha family design. Sylvia paints free hand, using yucca brushes and the butt of a wooden matchstick for stippling. Her mother told her, "Never leave anything out in your design or your process."

Sylvia signs her pottery with a feather and the initial 'S'. "A lot of my designs are in part some of Mom's (Helen Naha), and I just mix them. There are about five designs of hers I use in different ways. Sometimes I used to cover up crooked designs and fit others to it."

"I'm starting to mix my designs with more traditional designs. A lot of people like the animal designs and a lot like the traditional, so I mix them. People like to see a lot of fine-line and others like simplicity. I like to bounce back and forth to make something eye pleasing. I use them to make something someone will like."