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Calvin Martinez

CALVIN MARTINEZ creates his jewelry in the pure, traditional style of the first Navajo silversmiths. His uncomplicated, substantial pieces, featuring the best gem-grade turquoise, speak eloquently of the very nature of the Navajo: unassuming people with strong convictions about their place within the balance of nature.

Calvin brings this attitude of quiet strength to each of his creations. With only heavy-gauge silver, skillful hands, and an eye for balance, he infuses each piece with the power of simplicity. His hand-cut bezels frame extraordinary turquoise stones.

A self-taught silversmith, Calvin draws his creative inspiration from his Navajo heritage. "I look to the old silversmiths and to my culture. There would not be a Calvin Martinez silversmith without the Navajo tradition to guide me.

"I am grateful that people still like the old silver pieces. I thank God for awarding me with these gifted hands."