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Award winning Navajo artist Albert Nells created this New Design sterling silver channel inlay bolo. The bolo is 3 1/8" in length by 1 1/2"at the widest point tapering to 1" at the narrowest point. The bolo features natural Kingman spiderweb turquoise with red coral, mother-of-pearl and jet channel inlay. The bolo has a 4-ply hand-made strap and hand-made sterling silver tips.

Item Number: 54848 ... List Price: $1,095.00 Your Price: $876.00

Award-winning Hopi artist Watson Honanie, created this 14kt gold overlay on sterling story bracelet. The scene depicts the animal migration, which represents the travels of the ancient ones to their center world. Each of the animals has significance. The buffalo symbolizes endurance to overcome one's weakness. The ram secures an increase in the flocks. The deer represents plentiful sustenance. And the mountain lion is the elder brother and most powerful. The progression ending with the family of mountain lions represents leadership and resourcefulness and the sacred charge to protect the children of men from evil and be the maker of paths of men's lives. The bracelet will fit a 7" wrist, including an opening of 1".

Item Number: 54851 ... List Price: $1,100.00 Your Price: $880.00

Award winning Hopi Pueblo artist Watson Honanie created this 14kt gold and sterling silver 1/2" overlay story bracelet. The scene depicts the Eagle Dancer, Sun Kachina, Mud Head, and Crow Mother, dancing at the Pueblo, with the mountains looking on. The bracelet will fit a 6 1/4" wrist, including an opening of 1".

Item Number: 54852 ... List Price: $1,100.00 Your Price: $880.00

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