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Award-winning Comanche master artist White Buffalo created this sterling silver with natural turquoise bracelet. The bracelet and bezel around the stone are hand stamped. The bracelet is uniquely shaped for comfort, and features natural Kingman turquoise set off-center. The bracelet is 7/8" wide and will fit a 6 1/2" wrist. The opening is 1 1/4". The bracelet was made in 2019.

Item Number: 54996 ... Price: $2,350.00

Award winning artist Alverez (Son of White Buffalo) Navajo/Comanche created this Sterling Silver necklace. The pendant features natural Red Mountain Turquoise and is hand stamped and reversible, with luminescent green and a design on the back side. The design glows in the dark. Alverez calls this "Ghost Spirit." The pendant measures 3" long by 2 3/8" at the widest. The handmade link chain is approximately 25" long.

Item Number: 54997 ... Price: $6,000.00

Award winning artist Alverez (Son of White Buffalo) Navajo/Comanche, created this Sterling Silver necklace set with Natural Persian turquoise. The pendant is hand stamped on the front and the bezels, and reversible with luminescent green that glows in the dark on the backside and an eternity design. Alverez calls this "Ghost Spirit". The pendant measures 3" by approximately 2" at the widest, plus a bale that measures approximately 1 1/2". The handmade chain is approximately 30".

Item Number: 54998 ... Price: $7,000.00

Award winning artist Alverez (Son of White Buffalo) Navajo/Comanche, created this Sterling Silver pendant, hand stamped and set with natural Amethyst. The pendant is reversible, a single stone on one side and luminescent purple with the migration design on the reverse. The design will glow in sunlight. Alverez calls this "Ghost Spirit." The pendant measures 1 3/8" long by 7/8" at the widest, and is 1/2" thick.

Item Number: 54999 ... Price: $1,800.00

Made by award-winning Santo Domingo artist, Joseph Coriz, this sterling silver overlay bracelet is one of Joseph's heralded inside outside hallmark story bracelets. Each of the panels on the bracelet symbolize something, with a new story that Joseph has created for this bracelet. The outside features a maiden picking flowers, with animals gathered around her. The animals represent the village, gathered together beneath the starry night, which depicts the connectedness of the people to the celestial powers, to their heritage, and to their ancestors. The crooked arrows bring powerful energy from the heavens, culminating in rain clouds blessing the village. The inside scene depicts the fruits of the fields in the basket of corn, surrounded by the animals and blessed with the healing hands. The bracelet is 3/4" across by 6 3/8" inside measurement, including an opening of 1".

Item Number: 55006 ... Price: $1,250.00

Award winning artist Chris Nieto of Santo Domingo Pueblo created this "Stained Glass" Tab Necklace, a truly stunning piece of work, featuring his hallmark inlay of turquoise (#8 and Roystone), rhodolite, lapis, spiny oyster, clam, and apple coral inlaid on jet, strung on jet rondells. The rondell necklace measures approximately 19". The center pendant hangs down 4" and measures almost 2" at the widest. The tabs measure 2 3/8" long by 7/8" at the widest.

Item Number: 55042 ... Price: $1,500.00

Award-winning Santo Domingo Pueblo artist Joseph Coriz created this heavy sterling silver overlay bolo. This significant piece showcases his signature style of Pueblo storytelling in overlay. Utilizing ancient petroglyphs, Joseph depicts the village as a culmination of the migration. Pairs of animals have gathered in their center place, with the villagers, beneath the night sky. The stars are among the symbols representing the connectedness of the celestial to the people and to their heritage. The bolo is shaped in the likeness of an arrowhead, and measures 3 1/8" at the longest by approximately 2" at the widest, tapering down to the arrowhead point, and is 1/4" thick, on a heavy lanyard (possibly 8 - 10 ply), and two handmade keepers and tips.

Item Number: 55082 ... Price: $2,400.00

Award-winning Navajo artist Erick Begay created this sterling silver and natural turquoise ring. The ring setting is 1 1/8" by 5/8" and features natural Smoky Bisbee turquoise from Nevada. The ring is a size 10.

Item Number: 55144 ... Price: $1,320.00

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