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Award winning Navajo artist Richard Begay (deceased) created this sterling silver mosaic inlay rug design pendant. The pendant is 2" long including a 3/8" bale by 1 1/8" wide and features a mosaic inlay Navajo weaving on the loom with natural turquoise, jet and red coral.

Item Number: 56802 ... Price: $250.00

Zuni artist Quinton Quam created this sterling silver mosiac inlay spinner pendant. The pendant is 1" in diameter and has a 1/8" bale. The spinner features a Dragonfly and Butterfly design inlaid with turquoise, jet, red coral, abalone and mother of pearl.

Item Number: 56798 ... Price: $90.00

Award-winning artist Quinton Quam of Zuni Pueblo created this Sterling Silver pendant (Vintage). Beautiful and finely detailed images on the front of a hummingbird and butterfly and flower in handcut multi stones. The pendant measures 4" including a 3/4" bale, by 1 1/2" across.

Item Number: 56796 ... Price: $325.00

Award-winning Navajo artist Alvin Yellowhorse created this mosaic inlaid bear pendant. The inlay of turquoise, spiny oyster, sugulite and mother of pearl on jet creates a scene of Navajo stargazing. The tradition of stargazing reaches back to the heart of Navajoland, into the caves of Canyon de Chelly, where Navajo stargazers reached to the stars for guidance. The bear embodies the message to walk your path with purpose. The pendant is 2" long by 2 1/4" at its widest point.

Item Number: 56791 ... Price: $995.00

Navajo artist Alex Sanchez created this sterling silver applique and natural turquoise pendant. The pendant is 3" in height (including the 1/2" bale) by 4" at the widest point. The natural Kingman turquoise setting 1/4" by 5/8" at the widest point.

Item Number: 56782 ... Price: $395.00

Navajo artist Fritson Toledo created this sterling silver and natural turquoise pendant. The pendant is 3 3/8" in height (including the 3/4" bale) by 1 1/4" at the widest point and features 28.5cts natural polychrome King's Manassa turquoise from Colorado.

Item Number: 56739 ... Price: $450.00

Award-winning Navajo artist Erick Begay created this sterling silver and natural Kingman turquoise pendant. The pendant measures 1 1/4" at the widest by 1 3/8" at the longest (plus a 1/2" bezel) and features natural Kingman turquoise from Arizona. Erick's signature chiseled bezel and a new overlay feature of a bird design complete this beautiful piece.

Item Number: 56737 ... Price: $440.00

Award-winning Navajo artist Kirk Smith (deceased) created this sterling silver feather/leaf design pendant. The pendant is 3" long (including a 1 1/4" bale) by 1 1/2" at its widest point features natural High Grade Turquoise Mountain turquoise from Arizona.

Item Number: 56728 ... Price: $395.00

Circa 2000's Unknown Sterling Silver Natural Persian Turquoise and Lapis Reversible Bear Pendant

Item Number: 56717 ... Price: $295.00

Circa 1990's Unknown Zuni artist created this Sterling Silver spinner pendant. One side is coral, the other turquoise, cut in tiny beads (called snake-eye or pin cushion). Really sweet piece. The pendant is approximately 1" diameter, and hangs from a machine made silver chain.

Item Number: 56715 ... Price: $150.00

Circa 2000's Hopi 14kt Gold and Sterling Silver Reversible pendant on a 14k Gold Italian chain. Lizard stamp on the bale. One side of the pendant is the design the Man In The Maze and on the other is the Sunface. The pendant is approximately 1" in diameter. The bale is approximately 1/4". The chain is 20".

Item Number: 56684 ... Price: $1,995.00

Leonard Gene created this Sterling Silver and Natural Spiderweb Turquoise Pendant (circa 2000's). The pendant measures 2" from the top of the bale (1/2"), by 1" at the widest.

Item Number: 56683 ... Price: $150.00

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