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Award winning Navajo artist Arland Ben created this 14kt gold and sterling silver petroglyph ring with natural King's Manassa turquoise. The ring setting is 1 3/8" by 7/8" wide and features 14kt gold petroglyph figures around the solid shank. The ring is a size 11 3/4.

Item Number: 53510 ... Price: $1,495.00

Award winning Navajo artist Arland Ben created this sterling silver and 14kt gold natural turquoise ring. The ring setting is 1 1/4 long by 1/2" wide and features natural Bisbee turquoise from Arizona with many 14kt gold petroglyph figures. The ring is a size 8 1/2.

Item Number: NG12912 ... Price: $1,700.00

Alvina Yepa, award-winning potter of Jemez Pueblo created this stunning pot she calls "Kiva." The carved steps on the lip represent the two Pueblo kivas, the outer Pumpkin Kiva, and the inner Turquoise kiva. The four panels represent the prayers given to the four directions. Two panels each of rain and kiva and corn, symbolizing sacred rain and prayers bringing sustenance and profound purpose. The pot is approximately 9" tall and approximately 8 1/2" in diameter at the widest, tapering to a lip of 3".

Item Number: 54155 ... Price: $1,500.00

Mata Ortiz Edwardo Ortiz created this polychrome geometric design pot. The pot is 8" in height by 7" in diameter.

Item Number: J474 ... Price: $1,050.00

Mata Ortiz Potter Jose Martinez Cano created this polychrome geometric design pot. The pot is 10" in height by 7" wide.

Item Number: J3523 ... Price: $1,095.00

Award-winning Jemez Pueblo artist Joe Cajero Jr. created this one of a kind polychrome mimbres design pot named "Who Forgot the Rattle?". The pot is 18" in height by 10" wide.

Item Number: 21334 ... Price: $1,375.00

Mata Ortiz Potter Damian Quezada created this polychrome geometric design pot. The pot is 12" in height by 12" in diameter.

Item Number: J074 ... Price: $1,550.00

Award-winning Grand Master painter Jimmy Abeita created this oil painting on canvas. Entitled "Mare and Foal," the canvas measures 19 3/4" x 15 1/2". The outside dimensions of the frame are 31" by 27".

Item Number: 42409 ... Price: $2,700.00

Santo Domingo Pueblo artist Kenneth Aguilar and Angie Crespin created this 10-strand High Blue stabilized Kingman turquoise 3mm rondelle and oliveshell necklace. This is a gorgeous blue, which is the hardest to come by these days. Each rondelle is handground and then spaced with handground oliveshell beads, to accomplish the perfectly fluid lay of the necklace that Kenneth and Angie are so well known for. The necklace is 30" in length (including the 3" extender)

Item Number: 54614 ... Price: $2,500.00

Award winning Navajo artist Fritson Toledo created this one of a kind necklace and earring set. This sterling silver set features natural gem grade Candelaria turquoise from Nevada in a fleur di lis style, each of the stones wrapped in a stylized ribbon. Ready to be a beautiful gift. The necklace is 17 1/2" in length and the matching post earrings are 2 3/8" in length by 3/4" at the widest point.

Item Number: 54662 ... Price: $1,200.00

Award-winning Jemez Pueblo artist Alvina Yepa created this large red etched and carved melon pot. Etched kiva steps encircle the shoulder of the pot, along with an etched corn stalk, pointing to kiva steps at the lip of the pot (signifying steps into the heart of the pot). All enveloped by a melon, signifying prosperity. Each rib of the melon is so perfect to seem engraved by a ruler. But it's all within the hands of Alvina, as is the satiny smooth polish. The pot is 7 3/4" in height by 9" in diameter.

Item Number: 50942 ... Price: $1,500.00

Mata Ortiz Potter Pabla Quezada created this black on black geometric design with roses pot. The pot is 15" in height by 10" in diameter.

Item Number: J4226 ... Price: $1,195.00

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