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Classic sterling silver wide band ring, with hand-stamping on the side. Circa 1960's (unknown Navajo). The ring is 1/2" across and a Size 9.

Item Number: 54650 ... Price: $60.00

Ca 1980's, Thomas Singer (Deceased) Sterling Silver Clip-on Earrings. Earrings measure 1 3/4" by 1"

Item Number: DHF46 ... Price: $80.00

Circa 1980's Larry Polivema Hopi Artist Sterling Silver Overlay Ring Size 9 1/2. Symbols are bear paw and Nakwach, the Hopi symbol for brotherhood. The ring measures approximately 1/4 across the top at the widest and tapers toward the underside.

Item Number: 55352 ... Price: $90.00

Unknown artist created this circa 1990's sterling silver and multi-color mosaic inlay tie tack. The tie tack is 1/2" in height by 3/8" wide and features natural turquoise, gaspeite and opal mosaic inlay.

Item Number: 53804 ... Price: $95.00

Circa 1990's Unknown Navajo Artist Sterling Silver Jasper Post Earrings Signed Chee. Beautiful picture Jasper, reminiscent of the Painted Desert or canyonlands with cliff dwellings. Really nice stamped silverwork around the stone. Earrings measure 1 3/8" by 1" at the widest.

Item Number: 55353 ... Price: $120.00

Unknown artist created this circa 1990's sterling silver and multi-color mosaic inlay tie tack. The tie tack is 1/2" in height by 5/8" wide and features natural red coral, sugilite, turquoise and opal mosaic inlay.

Item Number: 53805 ... Price: $135.00

Circa 1990's Unknown Artist Overlay Sterling Silver Hummingbird Buckle. Illegible etching on back of buckle. Buckle measures 2" by 1 3/8", and will just fit a 1" belt (easily fit 7/8").

Item Number: 55349 ... Price: $135.00

Circa 1970's Unknown Navajo Sterling Silver Hand made 8mm 15" Bead Necklace

Item Number: 55342 ... Price: $180.00

Circa 1990's Unknown Artist Sterling Silver Mosaic Inlay Bear Pendant Sign C J. Multi-inlay of turquoise, spiny oyster, mother of pearl, lapis, and jet. Bear measures approximately 1 5/8" across by 1" at widest, plus a bale and ring of 5/8".

Item Number: 55351 ... Price: $180.00

Navajo artist Leon Martinez created this sterling silver with natural turquoise ring. The ring setting is 1 1/8" by 7/8" and features natural Royston turquoise from Nevada. The ring has a three band shank and is a size 6 1/4.

Item Number: 52256 ... Price: $195.00

Unknown Navajo circa 1960's Sterling Silver Natural Bisbee Turquoise Watchtips. Each tip measures approximately 1 1/2" by 1 1/8".

Item Number: 54779 ... Price: $195.00

Tina Moquino of Santo Domingo Pueblo created this 4-Strand Treasure Necklace. Treasure necklaces evolved from the old-time "tab" necklaces, named for how wafers of turquoise were drilled and interspersed on heishi necklaces. Tina learned her craft from her mother, the well known Laura Moquino. Tina's treasure necklaces are an eclectic and fun collection of stones and shells, carved and rolled, and interspersed with wafers of spiny oyster and jet rondells. This necklace measures approximately 38" and is traditionally finished in braided waxed thread. The materials include gold lip mother of pearl heishi, glass beads, turquoise and jet fetishes (horses). The length is adjustable.

Item Number: 54986 ... Price: $240.00

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