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Award winning Jemez Pueblo potter Clifford Kim Fraqua created this four baby storeyteller. The storyteller is 8 1/2" in height by 5" wide by 6 1/2" deep.

Item Number: 54349 ... Price: $685.00

Alvina Yepa, award-winning potter of Jemez Pueblo created this stunning pot she calls "Kiva." The carved steps on the lip represent the two Pueblo kivas, the outer Pumpkin Kiva, and the inner Turquoise kiva. The four panels represent the prayers given to the four directions. Two panels each of rain and kiva and corn, symbolizing sacred rain and prayers bringing sustenance and profound purpose. The pot is approximately 9" tall and approximately 8 1/2" in diameter at the widest, tapering to a lip of 3".

Item Number: 54155 ... Price: $1,500.00

Award winning Jemez Pueblo artist Clifford K. Fragua created this hand-made 3 children horse storyteller. The storyteller is 5" in height by 8" ink length by 4" wide.

Item Number: 54065 ... Price: $225.00

Award-winning Jemez Pueblo artist Alvina Yepa created this red etched feather blessing design pot. The pot is 5 1/4" in height by 6" in diameter and features a story etching of corn, feathers, kiva steps and clouds.

Item Number: 59620 ... Price: $450.00

Award-winning Jemez Pueblo artist Alvina Yepa created this large red etched and carved melon pot. Etched kiva steps encircle the shoulder of the pot, along with an etched corn stalk, pointing to kiva steps at the lip of the pot (signifying steps into the heart of the pot). All enveloped by a melon, signifying prosperity. Each rib of the melon is so perfect to seem engraved by a ruler. But it's all within the hands of Alvina, as is the satiny smooth polish. The pot is 7 3/4" in height by 9" in diameter.

Item Number: 50942 ... Price: $1,500.00

Award-winning Jemez Pueblo artist Joe Cajero Jr. created this one of a kind polychrome mimbres design pot named "Who Forgot the Rattle?". The pot is 18" in height by 10" wide.

Item Number: 21334 ... Price: $1,375.00

Award-winning Jemez Pueblo artist Victor Vigil created this alabaster "Prayer" sculpture. The sculpture is 17" in height by 8" wide by 9" in depth.

Item Number: 31783 ... Price: $1,395.00