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Made by award-winning Santo Domingo artist, Joseph Coriz, this sterling silver overlay bracelet is one of Joseph's hallmark story bracelets. Each of the panels within the bracelet symbolizes something. Sacred water bracket each end. The crooked arrows are for powerful energy.  The starry night above depicts the connectedness of the people to the celestial powers, to their heritage, and to their ancestors. The spiral is the migration symbol, conveying searching for our center place. And our center place is home, family, and village, sustained by sacred traditions, life-giving forces from the earth we share, by our dreams and by the love we give--all represented by the Corn Maiden and her corn at the center.  Made even more special by the turquoise, a cabochon of natural Kingman waterweb. The bracelet is 1 1/4" across and 6 1/2" circumference including an opening of 1 1/8"

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