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Award-winning Santo Domingo Pueblo artist Joseph Coriz created this heavy sterling silver overlay bolo called Blessings and Migration. This significant piece showcases his signature style of Pueblo storytelling in overlay. Shooting stars and ancient petroglyphs are among the symbols representing the connectedness of the celestial to the people and to their heritage. The top 1/3 depicts the animals gathering to bring their individuals powers and wisdom to the village. The bear represents stength, introspection, and the power of the soul, and tells us to walk our path with purpose. The ram represents the security of a sturdy and increasing flock. Elk represents the ability to pace oneself and gain increasing stamina. He represents confidence and power. The center third has the male dancer with his rattle calling forth other animals. The fish represents sacred water and sustaining family, clan, and village. The armadillo and turtle are symbols of Mother Earth. All are blessed by the power of celestial phenomena, which bring the sacred, healing rain. And altogether they represent the spiritual and physical well-being for the Pueblo. The starry night above depicts the connectedness of the people to the celestial powers, to their heritage and to their ancestors. The bolo is 3 1/8" at the longest by 2 1/8" at the widest, made of heavy gauge silver, and features natural Morenci turquoise. The lanyard is 42” 8-ply tan with sterling keeps and tips.

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