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Tina Moquino of Santo Domingo Pueblo created this 4-Strand shaped stones and shells on pin shell heishi. This is a modified Treasure Necklace, without the tabs that typify a treasure necklace. Treasure necklaces evolved from the old-time "tab" necklaces, named for how wafers of turquoise were drilled and interspersed on heishi necklaces. Tina learned her craft from her mother, the well known Laura Moquino. Tina's treasure necklaces are an eclectic and fun collection of stones and shells, carved and rolled. This necklace has hand shaped stones and shells, including glass, spiney oyster, lapis, tiger eye, and jasper. This necklace measures approximately 36" and is traditionally finished in braided waxed thread. Necklace is adjustable in length.

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