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Award-winning Charlene Sanchez Reano of San Felipe Pueblo created this "Candy" Mosaic Inlay Reversible Necklace, a stunning example of her hallmark style. One hundred and six discs are each individually inlaid with variations of mother of pearl, black lip mother of pearl, gold lip mother of pearl, melon shell, turquoise, pipestone, jet, pink mussel, and lapis. Each different, but the effect is lustrous and beautiful. She has "signed" the necklace with a stand alone square tab and two mostly turquoise discs. The piece is finished with handground rondells of spiney oyster. The necklace measures approximately 20 1/2". The discs taper from 3/8" to 1/2" at the center. Unlike any necklace we have had from Charlene. She "signs" the necklace with a tab inlaid of different stones on each side, as a signature. The necklace is meant as a choker, measuring approximately 15 1/2". Truly stunning and one of a kind.

Item Number: 54889 ... Price: $3,200.00

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