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Overlay buckle, circa 1980's, by Hopi artist Alde Qumyintewa (1950 - 2004). Sterling silver overlay Ram Kachina Buckle, stamped with his personal bear symbol of artist Alde Qumyintewa (1950 – 2004) . He learned his craft at the Hopi Guild and began creating in 1975. A member of the Bear Clan, he was from Shipaulovi. This buckle is representative of his work, done with great care, everything clearly defined and perfectly executed. Hopi believe that kachinas embody the spirits of living things and those of ancestors who are now a part of nature. Kachinas possess powers over nature. The Ram is a game animal and is said to have the power to cure ill and bring rain. The Ram Kachina is a rare kachina that only appears in the kiva or at night dances held in late February through March. Buckle measures 3" by 2" and will fit 1 1/2" belt.

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