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Dinah Gasper, award-winning Zuni Pueblo artists created this one strand fetish necklace. The necklace is 31" in length, with thirty-five fetishes, including the center lapis frog. All are hand-carved and strung on hand-ground olive shell. Animals include bears (come from the west and symbolize strength, endurance, the power of the soul and a healing power), frogs (invoke the Spirits to provide rain), birds (who carry prayers to the clouds, asking for blessing), hummingbirds, fox (possessed with cunning and fleetness), and turtle (also a symbol of Mother Earth). The handcarved fetishes range from approximately 1/2” to 1” long by 3/8" high (with variations). The fetishes are carved of a multitude of stones and shells, including natural pink and red coral, mother-of-pearl, jet, sepentine, pipestone, lapis, sodalite, marble, jet and stabilized turquoise animals and birds.

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